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Finally, our dream is becoming a reality! Master stylist and creative director, Asad Alkurabi, envisioned Music To My Hair from the very beginning as being a place where all kinds of artists can come to share their talent and inspire others. We were so excited and honored to have our stage graced with talented poets, story tellers and musicians and our walls decorated with beautiful paintings and art on Sunday evening.
We’ve included some photos of the lovely and supportive people who came out to celebrate our first artistic event. See if you can spot yourself or someone you know in the crowd and tag them if you do!
As Asad mentioned on Sunday night, it’s our intention to bring these art-centered events to the Capital Region at Music To My Hair at least once a month. Comment below if this is something you support/want to see more of! As always, your feedback is incredibly appreciated by us here at Music To My Hair. Have a fabulous weekend!

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