Summer Must Haves!

With Summer in sun in full bloom, we get longer hotter days and the endless search for ways to relax and chill out…with the beach, lakes and pool time being at the top of our lists. More time outdoors means an all out- attack on both natural and salon created hair color. Whether its beachside, lakeside or poolside, UV rays wreak havoc on your hair resulting in faster fading color!!

No need to run from the sun! Just remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! And we have just the remedy for you!


Apply Leave-In Hydration to your hair prior to the sun and swim time. This will help protect hair and restore the important 18-MEA lipid. OR for those with fragile, color treated hair, Beautifying Elixir Leave-In Repair Treatment would be a great choice. Reapplying after prolonged exposure is key, so convenient travel sizes are a beach bag MUST!

Tip #2

Change up your weekly hair cleansing routine. Use Urgent Repair Shampoo and Treatment at least once a week to help remove minerals, reduce free radicals and damage. The added bonus?! Clarifying the hair will help keep your hair shiny and “swamp green” free all summer long!


A Month In Review November 2016


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Mirza Batanovic Hair Class Music To My Hair Salon

Monday, Nov. 28th – 

As a salon that takes pride in our open education opportunities, we were thrilled to be able to host this incredible class for the talented stylists of the Capital

In his demonstration, Mirza Batanovic, Eufora Educator & Global Artistic Team Member, emphasized precision and contemporary cuts.

His teachings gave room for personal versatility in order to be able to customize the cut for a wide age range of clientele. Meaning being able to tailor the cut to your specific desires!

Mirza Batanovic Music To My Hair Salon

Mirza showed us how to recreate & modernize the “shag” haircut (which is currently making it’s way back into our hearts) with a proficient system to reduce cutting time while also delivering mastery level results.


Mirza was named one of the 7 best up and coming U.S. hairstylists in 2014 by Estetica Magazine.

He is also a NAHA Salon Team 2016 winner and can be found working regularly at Ammon Carver Studio in New York City.

start-of-classHe is passionate about education and specializes in bridal hair, editorial work, and fashion shows (including NYFW), TV segments (San Diego/Denver), red carpet events (LA), hair for celebrities and high profile clients for TV interviews, award shows (Golden Globes/Oscars/Kid’s Choice Awards, VMA’s) and various press events.

Music To My Hair Eufora Cutting Class


We noticed right away how easy Mirza is to connect with and his teaching style, which is straightforward and interactive, was painless to follow along with.

Mirza Cutting Class Music To My Hair


We began the class with a demonstration of a proper hair wash, where Mirza discussed in depth the Eufora products & their benefits.

Asad Hair Cut Mirza Class Music To My Hair


Next, Mirza brought his model and fellow Eufora Educator onto the stage to demonstrate the shag cut.

He revealed the lines and angles of the modern haircut in great detail and took the time to make sure everyone was able to see exactly what he was doing at all times.

(Many who attended the class even filmed his instructions to refer back to for afterwards!)

The technique Mirza opted for allows for very little dry cutting. This is wonderful as it gives your stylist a chance to work with your natural texture, which in turn gives you a better cut.

Eufora Cutting Class 2016


Once Mirza’s demonstration was over, all of the stylists were able to apply these advanced cutting techniques onto their mannequin. Plus, as an added bonus the stylists were able to get plenty of one on one time with the four Eufora educators who were in attendance.

Curling Technique By Mirza Batanovic STEP 4.

The class finished with a final review of all the mannequin cuts and a brief demonstration of a professional curling technique that prevents the damage that comes from over using hot styling tools on our model and salon manager, Michelle.


The class was an incredible opportunity to work with a fantastic company (Eufora) and an extremely talented up and coming hair artist (Mirza Batanovic).

Thank you to all those who attended and to those who made this class possible!

Hair Model Eufora

Mirza Cutting Class 2016


Photos & Blog by Ashley Millet

Music To My Hair Salon & Advanced Academy

1210 Troy Schenectady Road Latham, NY 12110


Music To My Hair: Weekly Update


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Saturday, Oct. 15 – 

One thing that is unique to Music To My Hair, is our involvement within the local arts community. This month we were honored to have the feature artist of our most recent Creative Connections event, Armando Soto, display his culturally stimulating artwork within our salon.

This months Creative Connections event included an artist talk & exhibit by Armando Soto, lighthearted entertainment/musical performances by Ragliacci, serene & meditative poetry & percussion by Diotte Sorelle, and moving poetry by Jos. D. Renzi, Dan Wilcox, Christopher Caulfield, Davin Patrick Harris, Evan Lauber, Sauce Caulf, & Michelle Vargason.

The night was truly alive with art, creation, and inspiration. So much so, in fact, that the night ended over an hour later than we had originally planned.

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We’re always searching for ways to keep things easy & enjoyable for our clients.

This month we came up with a simple system to help our clients effortlessly find the best products for their hair type & texture.

By grouping our product lines into separate categories, (ie. Curly/Wavy, Color Safe, Treatments Straight, Etc.) we cut the time you spend searching for the perfect product in half!

IMAGE SKINCAREskincare-banner

MONDAY, Oct. 17 –

We learned about the quality ingredients in all of the Image Skincare products so that we can all recommend the best products for your skin type/concerns/needs!

Need a little extra something? Check out our spa services list to see all of the incredible facials we offer, here.


WEDNESDAY, Oct. 19 – 

Our Eufora education class gave us a better understanding of how versatile their product range is. There truly is something for everyone! Whether you need something smoothing, thickening, volumizing, nourishing, etc. Eufora has it!

We especially love that Eufora creates integral products that respect the environment and the people who use them!

Learn more about all of the incredible products we carry here!

the-orange-owls-homemade-bath-and-spa-products-inside-owl-600-53236THE ORANGE OWL

TUESDAY, Oct. 25- 

It was truly a joy meeting Akshata, owner & creator of the vegan skincare company based out of Vermont, and learning more about the company’s foundations.

Akshata has an incredibly impressive background. With a Masters Degree in Biochemistry and Applied Clinical Nutrition, she was somehow able to implement her passion & knowledge of health, science, & wellness into her cruelty free skincare line.

We learned more about the process behind what went into choosing the various body butters, scrubs, bath salts, soaps, and lip balms delicious scents & no-frills ingredients.

(The Mocha Buzz Body Scrub is definitely one of my personal favorites!)

Plus, The Orange Owl donates 5% of the total sale to The Schooling Project, a team that works closely with Global Concerns India to provide the opportunity for children to stay in schools & explore various technical fields including photography, film design, and green design amongst others.

The Orange Owl currently supports 50 children across Southern India, which includes increasing & maintaining student enrollment in a government backed school in low income areas to ensure that they are not closed down. Learn more here!

Ashley Millet

Music To My Hair Salon & Advanced Academy

1214 Troy Schenectady Road

Latham, NY 12110


Davines Medium Hold Pliable Paste




The Medium Hold Pliable Paste  by Davines is our featured product of the week!

Malleable paste with medium hold and invisible effect.


As one of the most often sold products at Music To My Hair, it’s easy to see that we really believe in the Medium Hold Pliable Paste.

It’s great for men and women & can help to make your morning routine faster & your hair style easier to achieve.


Gives (Medium) Texture

Maintains Natural Shine

Creates Controlled Styling

Gives a Natural Look


Apply a small amount of product to dry hair and arrange it as you wish. It can be applied to towel-dried hair before styling.

Depending on hair density, length and desired effect, apply between 4g and 8g of product.

Music To My Hair Salon & Advanced Academy

1214 Troy Schenectady Road

Latham, NY 12110