Has winter left you feeling…dry?

We have one month until the ice thaws, and spring blooms, and with spring we leave behind the cold, bitter dryness that winter brings us. You may be feeling like your hair and skin is feeling the effects of winter! Well don’t worry we have just the remedy for you!  

Treat Yourself

Treat your hair to some tender loving care by lathering up with ylang ylang.  A lush, super-sensual aroma found in the Damage Remedy family. Can a damaged hair treatment really smell beautiful? You bet it can. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair instantly repairs damaged hair and protects it from thermal damage up to 450 degrees. Daily care should be a luxurious experience, and it is thanks to a blend of certified organic bergamot, ylang-ylang and mandarin.

  • Instantly repairs and protects from heat styling.
  • 97% naturally derived* leave-in treatment instantly repairs the integrity of hair’s surface.
  •  Helps protect the hair against breakage and thermal damage up to 450°.
  • Formulated with quinoa protein, this leave-in treatment helps give you stronger, longer hair**.

Here’s how to step up your winter skin game so you step into springtime with a fresh, dewy complexion.

  1. Amp up the moisture during the day without getting greasy! Adding a layer of moisturizer for extra protection before applying a SPF will ensure that your skin is getting the moisture it needs. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating intense moisturizer

  2. Lock in that moisture before you go to bed, by applying a thicker, richer cream. Your skin performs most of its reparative work as you sleep, this ensures your skin gets all the nutrients and hydration it possibly can. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating repair crème

  3. After moisturizing add a layer of oil on spots prone to dehydration , pat on a couple of drops of facial oil to supercharge moisture in the area while creating an extra-protective barrier against water loss. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating facial oil

  4. Apply a moisturizer containing broad-spectrum sunscreen. The UV rays penetrate clouds and windows no matter what the weather is, which means your skin is susceptible to the effects of aging any day of the year. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: PREVENTION+ daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30+

  5. Treat your face with a hydrating sheet mask every week. When in doubt or dryness, always rely on a mask! A sheet mask delivers hydration deeply into the skin by allowing the ingredients to penetrate in high concentration. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: I MASK biomolecular hydrating recovery mask

You are now on your way to Hydrated, Nourished & Revitalized Hair & Skin!

Top Men's Haircuts For 2016-2017


Mens Hair Fringe Haircut

If the men in your life are anything like ours, then you know that they’re often in desperate need of a hair cut, but simply don’t know what to get.

Sure, these are male models – but why can’t your man look just as polished as they do?

Well, we’re here to tell you that they can & will with the help of Music To My Hair and our team of super-star hair artists.

We’re breaking down our favorite mens hair cuts as of late.

Plus, to make it easy, he can just show the photo of the cut he likes best to his hair stylist. Voila! Easy.


This hair cut really is so customizable.

Whether you prefer your hair to have some rugged volume, crazy texture, or look clean cut & straight – you can make it work with the angular fringe cut.

Not only does this hair style create interesting lines and dimension, but it also accentuates bone structure.

Hard Part And Pompadour Mens HairTHE PART & POMPADOUR BLEND

The hard side part & the pompadour are two hair styles that have become pretty popular over the last few years.

Our thoughts: Why not mix the two?

The best part is that the majority of this look is in the styling.

So let’s say you’re not in the mood to fuss with styling. Simply sweep your hair to the side and add a little product for hold or let it fall tousled onto your forehead.

The trick is, regardless of how you decide to wear your hair, the side part is just enough to make it look like you put some effort in (even if you didn’t!)

Music To My Hair Mens HaircutsSOME CAESAR ON THE SIDE, PLEASE!

Maybe you never want to worry about styling your hair? Then this next look might be right for you.

Let us clue you in on a little secret… as long as you have a quality cut, your hair can look pretty perfect with little to no maintenance (especially for those of you who opt for a shorter style!)

We’re feeling this faded style lately. Leaving just enough at the top gives the look a quintessentially roman feel. Thus effectively leaving the subtle impression that you’re an all-powerful warrior on everyone around you.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Long Curly Hair Men CutLONG & UNRULY

Last, but certainly not least, those of you with curly hair probably have some difficulty picking a style that is simultaneously edgy and suitable for your hair texture.

Try going with something a little longer at the top with a clean, but slight taper towards your ears & neck.

Not only does this cut look incredible on curly/wavy hair, but it’s also pretty easy to maintain at home!


Top Looks From The 2016 Emmy Awards


Check out our top 3 favorite looks from the 2016 Emmy’s!

Sophie Turner 2016 Emmy Awards3. SOPHIE TURNER

Sophie Turner, known most popularly for her role as Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones, sheds her classic red hair and dons a blonder hue for the Emmy carpet this year.

We especially love her moody burgundy eye shadow paired with the lighter hair color.


Emily chose to focus the attention around her dress, eyes, and neck by keeping her hair simple and sleek at this years awards.

We personally adore her hair styled and slicked back into this low ponytail especially with the  hard side part.


Emily Ratajkowski Emmys 2016

Mandy Moore 2016 Emmys1. MANDY MOORE

We love everything about Mandy on the night of the Emmy’s.

The entire look is stunning and gives off a very Belle from Beauty & The Beast feel, especially with her orange-yellow ruffled dress & shoulder-length brown locks.

Her simple, but perfectly smouldering makeup paired with natural-looking waves compliments Mandy beautifully.

Tell us, which of these looks do you like best?

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French Tip Styles – Nail Design


1472861180-elle-french-tip-nails-manicure-frenchfadeFRENCH & FADED

This concept blends two styles into one beautiful look!

Simply ask your nail technician to stick to the french tip style, with white tips & a nude base, but ask for this beautifully faded effect in order to give your nails a fresh new take on the ever popular ombre trend.

For best results, the nail technician should apply the two polishes on a makeup sponge and continuously dab onto the nail. Finish with a topcoat and voila! You’re fabulous.


We admit, this nail trend requires incredible patience & talent, something that I personally don’t have when it comes to doing my own nails.

1472861180-elle-french-tip-nails-manicure-krocaineLuckily, Colleen the incredible nail technician at Music To My Hair has steady hands & inspiring precision when it comes to painting these practically microscopic designs. Just ask for custom nail art when booking your next appointment at Music To My Hair Salon!

To achieve this look, a thin brush is needed to paint the playful designs onto the base of your nail.

You can incorporate the changing seasons into your design or your favorite sports team, or even something that simply speaks to you & shows off your sparkling personality.


Minimalism remains a massive trend in the beauty and home decore industry. Why not incorporate the minimal trend into your nail design?

1472861177-elle-french-tip-nails-manicure-aliciatnailsThis look upgrades the basic french tip with a simple & elegant corresponding middle line.

For this simple addition, ask your nail artist to mimic the curve of your tip to get the cleanest look.


This nail artist combined a mint-colored french tip with a black ombre fade.Mint and Black Ombre French Tip Nail

If mint isn’t your color of choice, you can always opt for your favorite color instead!

Just ask your nail artist to start with the lightest shade first & allow each coat to dry completely before moving to the next color.

Get creative and mix a few different complimentary colors together or stick to this clean and subtle version, it’s all up to you!


This look is a subtle way to add an eye-catching twist to the classic french manicure.

Colleen would allow your white tips to dry and underline with a stripe of nude polish, finishing off the look witha clear top coat.

Although a simple statement, this look was worn by ELLE.com’s very own beauty gurue, Julie Schott – take note of this version of the french manicure ladies!

French Tip Styles RosesFLORAL ELEGANCE

Another take on the customizable manicure, this easy addition to the original french tip will keep you looking elegant & graceful!

To get this design, the nail artist applys a thin coat of clear top coat, and while taky, carefully sets your design & presses down.


To rock the checkerboard themed french, Colleen will begin by painting the classic french tip. Once dry, Colleen will apply black boxes on top of the white strip to create the design.

Not only does the black & white combination offer a statement, but the look will work well whether your personal style is on the edgy side or considered classicly chic!


All of these looks are gorgeous upgrades to the french manicure and each of them can be custom tailored to fit your personality & style.

Tell us, which of these designs would you most like to try?

Luckily, Music To My Hair has an incredible nail technician who is more than capable of bringing these designs to you!

Colleen is skilled, precise, & passionate when it comes to nails. Her expertise lies in nail art & design, which are meticulously done by hand. Colleen always aims to give you the best nail experience at Music To My Hair.

Call to book your appointments at 518-313-7723!

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