Has winter left you feeling…dry?

We have one month until the ice thaws, and spring blooms, and with spring we leave behind the cold, bitter dryness that winter brings us. You may be feeling like your hair and skin is feeling the effects of winter! Well don’t worry we have just the remedy for you!  

Treat Yourself

Treat your hair to some tender loving care by lathering up with ylang ylang.  A lush, super-sensual aroma found in the Damage Remedy family. Can a damaged hair treatment really smell beautiful? You bet it can. Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair instantly repairs damaged hair and protects it from thermal damage up to 450 degrees. Daily care should be a luxurious experience, and it is thanks to a blend of certified organic bergamot, ylang-ylang and mandarin.

  • Instantly repairs and protects from heat styling.
  • 97% naturally derived* leave-in treatment instantly repairs the integrity of hair’s surface.
  •  Helps protect the hair against breakage and thermal damage up to 450°.
  • Formulated with quinoa protein, this leave-in treatment helps give you stronger, longer hair**.

Here’s how to step up your winter skin game so you step into springtime with a fresh, dewy complexion.

  1. Amp up the moisture during the day without getting greasy! Adding a layer of moisturizer for extra protection before applying a SPF will ensure that your skin is getting the moisture it needs. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating intense moisturizer

  2. Lock in that moisture before you go to bed, by applying a thicker, richer cream. Your skin performs most of its reparative work as you sleep, this ensures your skin gets all the nutrients and hydration it possibly can. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating repair crème

  3. After moisturizing add a layer of oil on spots prone to dehydration , pat on a couple of drops of facial oil to supercharge moisture in the area while creating an extra-protective barrier against water loss. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: VITAL C hydrating facial oil

  4. Apply a moisturizer containing broad-spectrum sunscreen. The UV rays penetrate clouds and windows no matter what the weather is, which means your skin is susceptible to the effects of aging any day of the year. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: PREVENTION+ daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30+

  5. Treat your face with a hydrating sheet mask every week. When in doubt or dryness, always rely on a mask! A sheet mask delivers hydration deeply into the skin by allowing the ingredients to penetrate in high concentration. 

    MTMH RECOMMENDS: I MASK biomolecular hydrating recovery mask

You are now on your way to Hydrated, Nourished & Revitalized Hair & Skin!

Holiday Hair & Makeup at Music To My Hair Salon


At this point we’re heading right into the middle of December! Do you have your holiday beauty looks ready?

Music To My Hair Salon Holiday Hair
Hair by Asad Alkurabi / Model – Michelle Vargason



The holidays are a wonderful time for celebration, spending time with loved ones, having fun, and letting loose!

Holidays also mean attending loads of functions, parties, and events and mingling!

This year, let us help make your holiday beauty routine effortless!

We invite you to let us take care of you this holiday season!

Come in to Music To My Hair for a professional blow out or a beautifully elegant up-do.

This way, you can truly enjoy & relax throughout the entire getting ready process, feel even more beautiful & confident, and know you’re looking your absolute best!

Plus, you’re guaranteed to receive endless compliments on your stunning styles!

Holiday Hair Music To My Hair Salon

Holiday Makeup Music To My Hair Salon
Makeup by Amber Snare / Model – Michelle Vargason


Not only does Music To My Hair offer hair services, but we also provide professional makeup services for our beautiful clients.

Music To My Hair’s talented makeup artist, Amber, is extremely passionate when it comes to the art of makeup.

So this year, why not add a quick makeup application service to your hair appointment?

Opt for a smokey-sultry look like the one our beautiful model and salon manager, Michelle Vargason, is sporting or go for a softer, more natural, look. Amber can customize any look for your holiday beauty desires!

Let us take you from day to night, and get you completely party ready while sparing you the fuss of putting your look together!



*Photos & Blog Post  by Ashley Millet

Hair by Asad Alkurabi, Makeup by Amber Snare, Model – Michelle Vargason

Music To My Hair Salon & Advanced Academy

1214 Troy Schenectady Road

Latham, NY 12110


4 Things Your Hair Stylist Needs To Know About You!



power-suits-for-women-street-style-looks-11. WHAT TYPE OF JOB DO YOU HAVE? // WHAT IS YOUR WARDROBE LIKE?

Spending 5-6 days a week in a suit might warrant a haircut with more distinct feminine features to contrast well with the masculine details of your work wardrobe.

On the other end of the spectrum, 13cc75e3e9374941f570bc963169eef9someone who adores bohemian style probably won’t want a cut that’s too spiky, blunt, or angular.

The key to a happy client is all about communicating to find something that flatters your features & lifestyle!


LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 14: Kendall Jenner attends the launch of OUE Skyspace LA at U.S. Bank Tower on July 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

As most of us know, frequent heat styling can cause a great deal of damage to your hair.

It’s very important for your stylist to know exactly how often you apply heat to your hair.

This way, you can both come up with a suitable hair care routine to combat the harmful & drying effects of heat styling tools.

Your stylist may also suggest a shorter time span between trims to prevent split end buildup.

Music To My Hair has an incredible list of hair treatments to restore damaged hair, including a Keratin & Brazilian Blowout treatment. Learn more here!



According to Paul Labrecque, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Paul Labrecque Salons in NYC & Philadelphia, frequent washers may benefit from a dry cut.

Opting for a dry cut allows the stylist to accurately tailor a custom style to your natural texture. This would be especially ideal those with very curl, wavy, or fine hair.

Knowing how often you’re rinsing, also gives your stylist the opportunity to make sure you’re using the best shampoo & conditioner for your hair type, as well as the leave-in styling products we should be recommending to you.

street-style-mini-black-leather-t-shirt-dress-trench-coat-long-messy-touseled-hair-fashion-week4. IS MAINTAINING LENGTH IMPORTANT TO YOU?

Some clients are great about making a standing six week appointment for regular trims & hair health maintenance. Others, not so much.

Are you the type to leave the salon and forget about your hair until one day, two months later, you look in the mirror and realize with horror that you’re in desperate need of a cut? (Don’t worry, I might also be guilty from time to time!)

Regardless of your answer, it’s important to know how often you cut your hair & if maintaining length or growing out your hair is the end goal.


If length is the objective, but you’re not visiting the salon regularly for trims, you may actually be hindering yourself.

By the time you do come in, you may very well have to cut off more length just to get rid of the frayed ends & jagged layers.

It’s always best to be diligent about scheduling your future haircuts before you leave the salon.

We know you’re busy & that it’s hard to plan in advance, but scheduling early will give you that extra reminder that it’s time for a cut! Even if you have to reschedule, we’ll forgive you! 

Ashley Millet

Music To My Hair Salon & Advanced Academy

1214 Troy Schenectady Road

Latham, NY 12110