Live Performance Featuring Musician Sean Rowe

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Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Cocktail: Hour 6 pm

Show Starts: 7 pm

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About Sean Rowe:

Sean Rowe is an alternative folk singer-songwriter and musician.

Early Life:

Born and raised in Troy, New York, Rowe started playing music at an early age. He received a bass guitar from his father on his 12th birthday and performed in a local band.  After receiving an acoustic guitar as a gift from his uncle, Rowe began playing solo.

He wrote his first song at the age of seven on a Fisher-Price typewriter after listening to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.  Rowe started seriously writing songs when he was 18. The first complete song that he wrote was called “Turtle,” which was inspired by his friend and singer-songwriter Jeanne French. At the age of 17, Rowe discovered Otis Redding and his song “Open The Door”, which inspired him to begin singing.


An avid naturalist, Rowe often speaks of his fascination with the woods and his connection to the land. After reading The Tracker by Tom Brown at the age of 18, Rowe started a blog about his experiences in the wilderness. He later took courses at Tom Brown’s Wilderness Survival School in Asbury, NJ. In 2006, Rowe studied for a year at Hawk Circle Wilderness Education in Cherry Valley, NY, and completed a 24-day solo survival quest after his training. Rowe also studied under wild food author and expert, Samuel Thayer, and has partnered with Kawing Crow Awareness Center as a guest instructor for wilderness survival workshops and wild edible plant foraging. Since 2009, Rowe has contributed as a blogger to the Albany Times Union on topics concerning nature, wildlife, and his music career.


Since 2003, Rowe played locally in his hometown at open mics, bars, and cafes. He began playing with percussionist Marco Haber, who played on a few tracks on his first album “27”. Shortly thereafter they began playing under the name Mudfunk and recorded a live album, Live at the Grind, as well as a single of “Wrong Side of the Bed” at Studio Zoot in Albany. The latter would be re-recorded for Sean’s solo album, Magic, without Haber and with different instrumentation. He recorded his album, Magic, at Collar City Sound and released it through Collar City Records on April 21, 2009. In 2009, Rowe was asked to open for Noah and the Whale in the United Kingdom. Soon after, Sean signed with ANTI- Records, which re-released Magic on February 22, 2011, and released The Salesman and the Shark on August 28, 2012. On March 4, Sean played his new release, “Downwind”, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The movie The Accountant with actor Ben Affleck (2016) features Sean Rowe’s song “To Leave Something Behind”


Top Men's Haircuts For 2016-2017


Mens Hair Fringe Haircut

If the men in your life are anything like ours, then you know that they’re often in desperate need of a hair cut, but simply don’t know what to get.

Sure, these are male models – but why can’t your man look just as polished as they do?

Well, we’re here to tell you that they can & will with the help of Music To My Hair and our team of super-star hair artists.

We’re breaking down our favorite mens hair cuts as of late.

Plus, to make it easy, he can just show the photo of the cut he likes best to his hair stylist. Voila! Easy.


This hair cut really is so customizable.

Whether you prefer your hair to have some rugged volume, crazy texture, or look clean cut & straight – you can make it work with the angular fringe cut.

Not only does this hair style create interesting lines and dimension, but it also accentuates bone structure.

Hard Part And Pompadour Mens HairTHE PART & POMPADOUR BLEND

The hard side part & the pompadour are two hair styles that have become pretty popular over the last few years.

Our thoughts: Why not mix the two?

The best part is that the majority of this look is in the styling.

So let’s say you’re not in the mood to fuss with styling. Simply sweep your hair to the side and add a little product for hold or let it fall tousled onto your forehead.

The trick is, regardless of how you decide to wear your hair, the side part is just enough to make it look like you put some effort in (even if you didn’t!)

Music To My Hair Mens HaircutsSOME CAESAR ON THE SIDE, PLEASE!

Maybe you never want to worry about styling your hair? Then this next look might be right for you.

Let us clue you in on a little secret… as long as you have a quality cut, your hair can look pretty perfect with little to no maintenance (especially for those of you who opt for a shorter style!)

We’re feeling this faded style lately. Leaving just enough at the top gives the look a quintessentially roman feel. Thus effectively leaving the subtle impression that you’re an all-powerful warrior on everyone around you.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Long Curly Hair Men CutLONG & UNRULY

Last, but certainly not least, those of you with curly hair probably have some difficulty picking a style that is simultaneously edgy and suitable for your hair texture.

Try going with something a little longer at the top with a clean, but slight taper towards your ears & neck.

Not only does this cut look incredible on curly/wavy hair, but it’s also pretty easy to maintain at home!


Haircuts for Summer 2016



Trending Overgrown Bangs


We know what you’re thinking – “bangs aren’t for everyone, plus they require a lot of maintenance!” The best part about these fringe bangs is that you don’t have to suffer through the growing out process & you don’t need to take off too much length! It’s a much more subtle version of the classic bang & it’s not as much of a commitment to the style.

This edgy cut is currently a major trend in the fasion industry. We especially love the bangs to be styled into a less uniform cut so that they fall in a piecey fashion across the forehead.

You can also make this look work whether you have long or short hair, making the look versatile and easy to achieve.

Overgrown Bangs

Blunt Haircut


Blunt bobs are nothing new, but they are bigger & longer than ever.

If you have naturally straight & thick hair, then this cut is the one for you. Unfortunately, those with wavy or coarse hair won’t get quite the same effect.

Styling Tip: Keep your hair straight at the ends! Do not flip the ends under with a round brush while styling – this will defeat the entire purpose of the look & ruin the blunt edge.

Trending Kinky Curls


Finding the right cut for naturally curly and voluminous hair can be a real challenge. The key here is to have your stylist cut your hair when it’s styled naturally & dry. Try asking for shorter layers to give a rounder look to the hair if you have a ton of bounce and volume, as longer layers will weigh the hair down.

The cut gives a fresh & flattering bohemian vibe – we love this look!

Large Kinky Curls

Summer Haircut TrendsBABY BANGS

Pairing straight, blunt bangs with wavy hair was once frowned upon – but we’re embracing the textural differences in 2016. If you keep your hair smooth at the roots, the two styles can blend well.

As we mentioned, bangs can be a little high-maintenance, but simply blow out with a round brush to smooth & straighten and leave your hair naturally textured.

Perfect Baby Bangs




 Short Hair With Bangs



Summer Trendy Hairstyles




“Textured shag is the haircut of the year,” says Dove celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. “Unlike shags of the past, this haircut is all about enhancing your texture – no flatirons or blow-dryers required.”

Just ask your stylist to cut your hair dry into heavy layers. If you want to merge two trends in one, opt for some overgrown bangs.

Play around with your natural texture when you style it at home & use your favorite products to help enhance the look.

Which cut is your favorite? Comment below!

Take advantage of our complimentary consultations and let us discuss which cut to embrace this summer season!



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