Summer Must Haves!

With Summer in sun in full bloom, we get longer hotter days and the endless search for ways to relax and chill out…with the beach, lakes and pool time being at the top of our lists. More time outdoors means an all out- attack on both natural and salon created hair color. Whether its beachside, lakeside or poolside, UV rays wreak havoc on your hair resulting in faster fading color!!

No need to run from the sun! Just remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! And we have just the remedy for you!


Apply Leave-In Hydration to your hair prior to the sun and swim time. This will help protect hair and restore the important 18-MEA lipid. OR for those with fragile, color treated hair, Beautifying Elixir Leave-In Repair Treatment would be a great choice. Reapplying after prolonged exposure is key, so convenient travel sizes are a beach bag MUST!

Tip #2

Change up your weekly hair cleansing routine. Use Urgent Repair Shampoo and Treatment at least once a week to help remove minerals, reduce free radicals and damage. The added bonus?! Clarifying the hair will help keep your hair shiny and “swamp green” free all summer long!


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