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Saturday, Oct. 15 – 

One thing that is unique to Music To My Hair, is our involvement within the local arts community. This month we were honored to have the feature artist of our most recent Creative Connections event, Armando Soto, display his culturally stimulating artwork within our salon.

This months Creative Connections event included an artist talk & exhibit by Armando Soto, lighthearted entertainment/musical performances by Ragliacci, serene & meditative poetry & percussion by Diotte Sorelle, and moving poetry by Jos. D. Renzi, Dan Wilcox, Christopher Caulfield, Davin Patrick Harris, Evan Lauber, Sauce Caulf, & Michelle Vargason.

The night was truly alive with art, creation, and inspiration. So much so, in fact, that the night ended over an hour later than we had originally planned.

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We’re always searching for ways to keep things easy & enjoyable for our clients.

This month we came up with a simple system to help our clients effortlessly find the best products for their hair type & texture.

By grouping our product lines into separate categories, (ie. Curly/Wavy, Color Safe, Treatments Straight, Etc.) we cut the time you spend searching for the perfect product in half!

IMAGE SKINCAREskincare-banner

MONDAY, Oct. 17 –

We learned about the quality ingredients in all of the Image Skincare products so that we can all recommend the best products for your skin type/concerns/needs!

Need a little extra something? Check out our spa services list to see all of the incredible facials we offer, here.


WEDNESDAY, Oct. 19 – 

Our Eufora education class gave us a better understanding of how versatile their product range is. There truly is something for everyone! Whether you need something smoothing, thickening, volumizing, nourishing, etc. Eufora has it!

We especially love that Eufora creates integral products that respect the environment and the people who use them!

Learn more about all of the incredible products we carry here!

the-orange-owls-homemade-bath-and-spa-products-inside-owl-600-53236THE ORANGE OWL

TUESDAY, Oct. 25- 

It was truly a joy meeting Akshata, owner & creator of the vegan skincare company based out of Vermont, and learning more about the company’s foundations.

Akshata has an incredibly impressive background. With a Masters Degree in Biochemistry and Applied Clinical Nutrition, she was somehow able to implement her passion & knowledge of health, science, & wellness into her cruelty free skincare line.

We learned more about the process behind what went into choosing the various body butters, scrubs, bath salts, soaps, and lip balms delicious scents & no-frills ingredients.

(The Mocha Buzz Body Scrub is definitely one of my personal favorites!)

Plus, The Orange Owl donates 5% of the total sale to The Schooling Project, a team that works closely with Global Concerns India to provide the opportunity for children to stay in schools & explore various technical fields including photography, film design, and green design amongst others.

The Orange Owl currently supports 50 children across Southern India, which includes increasing & maintaining student enrollment in a government backed school in low income areas to ensure that they are not closed down. Learn more here!

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Top Men's Haircuts For 2016-2017


Mens Hair Fringe Haircut

If the men in your life are anything like ours, then you know that they’re often in desperate need of a hair cut, but simply don’t know what to get.

Sure, these are male models – but why can’t your man look just as polished as they do?

Well, we’re here to tell you that they can & will with the help of Music To My Hair and our team of super-star hair artists.

We’re breaking down our favorite mens hair cuts as of late.

Plus, to make it easy, he can just show the photo of the cut he likes best to his hair stylist. Voila! Easy.


This hair cut really is so customizable.

Whether you prefer your hair to have some rugged volume, crazy texture, or look clean cut & straight – you can make it work with the angular fringe cut.

Not only does this hair style create interesting lines and dimension, but it also accentuates bone structure.

Hard Part And Pompadour Mens HairTHE PART & POMPADOUR BLEND

The hard side part & the pompadour are two hair styles that have become pretty popular over the last few years.

Our thoughts: Why not mix the two?

The best part is that the majority of this look is in the styling.

So let’s say you’re not in the mood to fuss with styling. Simply sweep your hair to the side and add a little product for hold or let it fall tousled onto your forehead.

The trick is, regardless of how you decide to wear your hair, the side part is just enough to make it look like you put some effort in (even if you didn’t!)

Music To My Hair Mens HaircutsSOME CAESAR ON THE SIDE, PLEASE!

Maybe you never want to worry about styling your hair? Then this next look might be right for you.

Let us clue you in on a little secret… as long as you have a quality cut, your hair can look pretty perfect with little to no maintenance (especially for those of you who opt for a shorter style!)

We’re feeling this faded style lately. Leaving just enough at the top gives the look a quintessentially roman feel. Thus effectively leaving the subtle impression that you’re an all-powerful warrior on everyone around you.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Long Curly Hair Men CutLONG & UNRULY

Last, but certainly not least, those of you with curly hair probably have some difficulty picking a style that is simultaneously edgy and suitable for your hair texture.

Try going with something a little longer at the top with a clean, but slight taper towards your ears & neck.

Not only does this cut look incredible on curly/wavy hair, but it’s also pretty easy to maintain at home!


Have Curly Hair? You Need These Products!



Davines Curl Building Serum

Ideal for a look with defined, bouncy curls.


This miracle serum enhances your natural curls & gives elasticity + defines without weighing you down.

The synergy of high quality moisturizing ingredients facilitates the deposit of water molecules on the hair shaft, giving you a natural glossy & anti-frizz effect.

The gradual release of ingredients enhances the product performance, acts as a humidity repellent, and keeps hair healthy and moisturized longer.



Aveda Co-Wash

Sulfate-free, low-lather conditioning wash with certified organic babassu oil.


Co-wash is an essential for you curly-haired babes out there. This product gently cleanses your scalp without stripping your natural oils.

 It conditions and removes build-up and effectively moisturizes curls for up to 3 days with the help of concentrated certified organic babassu oil.

Reduces frizz and leaves curl soft & defined, while infusing your hair with Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with certified organic lemon, bergamot, orange, and other pure flower and plant essences.



Eufora Curl’n Nourishing Treatment

Serious nourishment for over-processed hair.


This mask transforms curly hair due to its unique blend of Rice & Keratin Amino Acids, which help to strengthen, condition, and re-hydrate hair.

 Tomato Fruit Ferment Extract helps to repair damage , while it strengthens and improves the structure of the curl for added curl retention.

Meanwhile, the Abyssinian Oil & Moringa Oil hydrate, improve manageability, and strengthens hair fibers & enhances shine due to being rich in antioxidants and Omega 9.

Product Of The Week: Aloetherapy Moisture Mist


Eufora Aloetherapy Mist


This week we’re featuring a product from our newest line, Eufora!

The Aloetherapy Moisture Mist for Hair & Body is a versatile leave-on mist to deliver instant moisturization and hydration from head to toe. It helps to sooth & calm many scalp and skin irritations including burns, cuts, and dry skin! It’s also perfect for after-sun soothing.

Eufora Aloetherapy


What we absolutely love about this product is that it is a must have in summer and winter.

Whether you’ve spent a little too long in the hot sun or need an extra surge of hydration in the dead of winter, this is the perfect product!

Eufora Body Mist


Aloe Stem Cells – help soothe & calm irritated, dry skin.

Water Lily –  a natural moisturizer, provides instant hydration. Contains Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant.

Oat Avenanthramides – A concentrated fraction from colloidal Oatmeal. Scientifically proven to reduce redness and itch to soothe and relieve dry skin.

Panthenol – for moisture, strength and shine.

Tri-Sugar Blend – delivers moisture deep into the hair shaft, strengthens and protects hair fiber against future


Eufora Aloetherapy Mist


Mist generously over hair & body after bath or shower to moisturize and soothe. Spray liberally over skin irritations to help alleviate symptoms.

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