Wellness Today – TV Interview


Check out Asad, owner and creative director of Music To My Hair, on Wellness Today! Lisa and Asad discuss the concept of the salon, his inspirations when creating it, and the incredible experience we offer our clients, stylists & artists, and the local community – plus more!

Inspiring Wellness Solutions, LLC inspires and supports their clients to live a healthier, well-balanced, life by partnering with them to create a holistic (mind/body/spirit) approach to wellness.

LisaMarie Tersigni, president of Inspiring Wellness Solutions, is a holistic health counselor, nutrition coach, and Reiki master/teacher in the Capital Region. She specializes in disease reversal including illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, GERD, joint pain, etc.

Wellness Today TV Interview

Lisa, thank you again for taking the time to interview us and feature Music To My Hair on your show!

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